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I always loved radio and I was fortunate to live in the historic moment when television and radio coincided and many of my childhood radio heroes migrated to television- Superman, Buzz Corey of the Space Patrol, Tom Corbett Space Cadet (which actually was on television first in 1950), the Lone Ranger, Superman.

Of all of these radio heroes, my favorite was Flash Gordon, who I never actually heard on radio but I saw the early reruns of his movie series er on early television. When I was seven, he was my prototype hero played by Buster Crabbe. And he was the star of a multi-media pantheon- radio, television, movies, comic books.


Radio, television and TV were fused in my imagination and were primary sparks that led to my desire to see my own visions perfects in media. I should not neglect that science fiction and fantasy-type books and comic books also played a giant role in my childhood. I was in love with media from the start but I wanted to be Flash Gordon.


Looking over the years of writing books and films, broadcasting audio shows, dipping my oars over and over again into creating various types of media franchises, I always go back to one special project. Yes, long before the Star Trek and Star Wars film franchises had started, I was striving to create a multi-tiered science fiction franchise. Doubtless, it was a ridiculous idea, at least to outsiders. But since the days when I signed up as a Rocket Ranger in second grade, highly motivated by the now forgotten Rod Brown and the Rocket Rangers and the ruthlessly rerun Flash Gordon series, I had always wanted to be a Starship Captain. Of course, at first it was just a wish, a desire relentlessly stuck in my imagination. Still, it was-

Blue Star


Stranded in Tulsa, completely broke, I did what I had always done since my early twenties, ignored all rationality and began to create a radio show. My earliest contact was with Morgan Fleming, a jeweler and designer who, among other things, eventually created jewelry for the Grateful Dead and owns his own flourishing jewelry store. Morgan ultimately played Jo Jo Krocker, chief engineer on the Dog Star. But back then:

The Adventures of  V. Morgan Fleming


I never got over how thrilling it was to listen to old time radio or seeing my heroes emerge on the little screen. And, for that reason, when I began to work in the industry, my first product was a science fiction radio series called The Adventures of Ganymede Jones that aired in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our small cadre of radio actors, which we called the New Atlantis Theatre Company was probably the first to launch a radio series in Tulsa, if not Oklahoma.

I played Ganymede Jones (right) with my partners, Leo Chandler (left) who played Rockethawk and Mariellen Smith, his wife, who was narrator. We created this program from scratch with the help of V. Morgan Fleming, whose adventures have been recounted in the section on My First Great Media Vision.

After Morgan and I had some strenuous false starts, I ran into Maryellen Smith, a broadcaster, who had just married Leo Chandler, an artist whose incredible story can be found in an excerpt from my book-in-progress, When Fate Steps In. Maryellen steered us to ITTI, (International Teaching Tapes, Inc.) where we ultimately recorded, was one of the finest studios in Tulsa which we were accepted by after Leo, Maryellen and I made our own demo out of a recording studio built with carpet remnants from a dumpster near a carpet store and recording equipment from a pawn shop. We began with just a dream but it soon turned into a lot of work. And so I began to create what I thought of as an inexpensive platform for a vast panoramic media franchise. I then created myself a whole new world, a kind of 31st century dystopia run by the somewhat corrupted and malfunctioning Interstellar Alliance and so I became what I envisioned. This was the demo that we presented to radio stations. It is introduced by Sonny Gray, back then a jazz musician and owner of ITTI studios. The prologue is by Leo Chandler, followed by his wife, Maryellen Smith as official narrator.

These early stages were chronicled in Tulsa Magazine, an article that caught a bit of the drama. Maybe i could contend a bit with their somewhat churlish style (who liked to be compared to a burned out tree stump?), but maybe they were right…. it was primitive, crazy and daring, but it worked…

Ganymede Jones

After we broadcast the first series on KMOD, we created a demo to take to other radio stations which included the pilot episode and a few extras. Here is the demo, which includes a little additional promotion.


Years later, I launched the world’s first science fiction adventure talk show for kids- Sound-off 3000!, which aired for 45 Saturdays (full hour long shows) in the palm springs metro area.

Between the two radio series, I worked intermittently in the industry as an Account Executive, where I honed the craft of writing radio commercials- for a Rock, Spanish and Talk Radio Station. Later on, I would become a Talk Show Host, producing and hosting a variety of shows, which included the Desert Business Hour (which featured extensive interviews with businessmen, government officials and heads of various agencies throughout the Palm Springs metro area).

Talkshow 3

Cohosted by Johnny Blue Star and Mike West

Also, Artbeat, a show on the fine arts;

Talkshow 2

Co-hosted by Johnny Blue Star and Valerie Miller
Cohosted by Johnny Blue Star and Mike West

I then began producing and hosting (along with my partner, Angela Nix) what became the longest running holistic health show in the desert Journey to Wellness, moving on to my own show, Nature’s Workshop, which I hosted with my wife and a travel show called “You Deserve It!,

Talkshow 1

Cohosted by Johnny Blue Star and Mike West

Strangely, owing to my obsession with space travel, later on, I would help create the world’s first commercial spacecraft media company, which had its own podcast. It was a component of multi-media efforts, including an ezine which was subscribed to, in part, by leaders in the commercial spacecraft industry- engineers, scientists, pilots, entrepreneurs- and included videos and the beginning efforts of a documentary where we shot 22 hours of video footage at the first X-Prize Cup event.

Rocket Away

The Rockets Away! Radio Show is devoted to the private space industry and will emphasize breaking and feature news about commercial space with in-depth discussion with the entrepreneurs, test pilots, technicians, engineers and scientists that make it all possible. Bill McCoy serves as the Anchor and Talk Show Host with help by Dave Gieber, Space Engineer and Special Consultant to Rockets Away Media! Other talk show hosts and newscasters include Bill Krohn, Greg Trotti and Johnny and Debby Blue Star. We offer new visitors access to current and recent shows. We offer a commercial-free radio archive to our registered members.


Reviewer: girijad83
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
February 17, 2006

The Rockets Away! Radio podcast brings to the Internet the latest and breaking news about commercial space exploration. It features interviews with various scientists, engineers, writers, test pilots, entrepreneurs, and space explorers, who are working to make travel into space a feasible possibility. The podcast is a one of its kind news source that would make not only the lone enthusiastic millionaire’s ears stand up, but would also excite people wanting to do research into this field sit up and take notice. The news on this broadcast is informative and comprehensive. The audio quality, however, could be improved. Overall, the podcast is a must listen to for the latest developments in private space travel.

Rocket Away

The Toy that Launched a 1000 Spaceships

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