Vegas All Net Radio Debuts Premiere of Threshold, A Global Media Event
-First Guest will be Crop Circle Pioneer and Filmmaker Patty Greer-

VegasAllNetRadio, an Internet Radio Station, which recently took over a former AM radio station, proudly announces a new member of its growing inventory of exciting broadcasting providers. Threshold, produced by New Galaxy Enterprises, Inc., a California corporation, is dedicated to bringing a deep and penetrating new look at the world we live in, focusing on topics related to social, political, personal and spiritual transformation.

“One of the things that I am most thankful for, is the opportunity to showcase the life and work of film maker Patty Greer with an in-depth two hour interview in our first show.” says Johnny Blue Star, CEO of New Galaxy Enterprises producer and host of Threshold.

Patty is a multi-talented film maker with an extensive history as a singer/songwriter, composer and musician who, owing to a dangerous episode with mercury poisoning, was forced to look at other career options. During this transition period, she had the good fortune of experiencing first-hand the phenomena of crop circles, mysterious geometric patterns seemingly magically etched in farmers’ fields in as little as a few hours. After that encounter, she found herself entranced by the phenomena, became an explorer and film documenter of crop circles and their implications (Click Here to Watch). I believe that the history of the phenomena and Patty’s intimate contact with it, suggests the possibility of gaining insight and information about new, more nurturing technology, an inroad to a positive future for this planet and perhaps some guidance to deal with our present global economic and political crisis.”

“Regarding our program,” says Johnny, “the term, ‘Threshold,’ defines a gateway between ordinary consciousness and higher awareness It is our belief by a gentle prodding, new information and perspectives and an enhanced understanding of personal responsibility, we can help our listeners on their journey to deeper awareness, enhanced social responsibility and spirituality and make them better citizens of this planet and the country they live in. Patty’s life is a testimony to that effort. We think everyone should hear her story.”

For more information about Threshold, please contact Johnny Blue Star at

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