1. Patty-GreerPatty Greer was a professional singer/songwriter, a skilled harpist and composer- and then she came down with a severe case of mercury poisoning which affected her ability to work.  From a promising and enjoyable career in music, she turned to hunting some way to become cured. After hearing about crop circles, particularly manifesting in abundance in the UK, she made her first acquaintance with this remarkable phenomena. After experiencing a profound communication between herself and whoever created the crop circle she found in a UK Crop Circle, she was hooked.  Soon she became a frequent visitor to crop circles, visiting more than 100 in England alone and became a film maker, focusing on the phenomena, making six documentary films and winning a variety of prestigious awards for her efforts.  Visit her films and soundtracks at pattygreer.net and join in her amazing adventure with these fascinating, “Circlemakers.”

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