9.-ROBERT-HASTINGS-For those of us who have wondered all their lives about the meaning of the UFOs experience- from the standpoint of their basic reality to the manifold alleged components of their manifestation on Earth- whether crashes, alien bodies, alien contact, cattle mutilations or crop circles, Robert Hastings has added a very critical and credible dimension to our understanding. He has done this through his reporting research in articles, his historical press conference at the National Press Club and his extraordinary book, UFOs and Nukes, chronicling his painstaking acquisition of military witnesses to event surrounding the world’s nuclear weapons facilities, particularly in the United States. It is honor to have this opportunity to speak directly to a man who has made every effort to bring extraterrestrial involvement with nuclear weapons to the public. Our goal in Threshold is to aid him in this mission. To listen to our shows live, visitwww.ThresholdRadio.Com and tune in to Threshold Radio every Saturday from 8AM to 10AM Pacific Standard Time on www.vegasallnetradio.com. Threshold Radio is produced by New Galaxy Enterprises (www.newgalaxyenterprises.com) a media company specializing in content development, promotion and creative marketing. If you have a media dream, New Galaxy Enterprises will assist you in helping you manifest your dream as a dazzling, media reality. New Galaxy offers both client based and active investor/collaboration options. New Galaxy is founded and directed by Johnny Blue Star, producer and host of Threshold Radio. To see various New Galaxy Projects, visit www.NewGalaxyEnterprises.com. To learn more about Robert Hastings, visit his website at www.ufohastings.com. There you can hear the famous “Disclosure” press release, buy his book, hear a few other interview, read his articles and learn how to contact him if you are interested in booking a lecture.

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