This show begins with a tribute to Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon but also a pioneer in Consciousness Research and the founder of the the Institute for Noetic Sciences. It features a clip from his discussion of his mystical experience on his trip back from the moon to Earth and a new song by Johnny Blue Star and Stephanie Slevin inspired by that profound experience. Sarah Westall, our guest, is a brilliant, enthusiastic researcher, broadcaster and expert in the area of disruptive technology as well as a successful consultant with a strong background in computer technology. She is an entrepreneur, business consultant and adjunct professor in business school. She is quite willing to explore controversial and forward looking technologies and has shown a great interest in space travel. In this program we examine various alternative views of the reason we abandoned moon landings; UFOs, including their appearances at missile bases (as described by Ufologist, Robert Hastings, in another program); the controversy about the reality of the moon landing itself; film maker and crop circle explorer Patty Greer’s and controversial researcher, Richard Hoagland’s view- of cryptographic messaging involving extra-dimensional or ancient extraterrestrial contact. To listen to our shows live, visit and tune in to Threshold Radio every Saturday from 10AM to Noon Pacific Standard Time on Threshold Radio is produced by New Galaxy Enterprises ( a media company specialising in content development, promotion and creative marketing. If you have a media dream, New Galaxy Enterprises will assist you in helping you manifest your dream as a dazzling, media reality. To see various New Galaxy Projects, visit To see our entire lineup of full broadcasts, go to

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