Johnny Blue Star, producer and host of “Inalienable and Free” and integrative physician and co-host, Hugo Rodier, M.D. discuss the dangers involved in the Israeli attacks on Iranian bases in Syria.  Dangers include some kind of direct attack on Israeli forces by Iran and the possibility of Russian involvement to protect these bases, which like Russia, are, at least in part, protecting the government of Assad in Syria. Further, there is the possibility that the United States will intervene more aggressively in Syria in protection of Israel or utilize this protective rationale to act against Iran in a variety of ways.

In this show, we discuss the ramifications of these attacks and the very close connection to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech about the “secret cache” of documents allegedly proving that Iran did not conform to the agreement between the .US., Iran and other nations that they would not proceed towards the development of nuclear weapons. The U.S., immediately following this speech, expressed its support for Israel, but how will that impact Trump’s next action to affirm or deny the continuation of that agreement. If that agreement is not validated by Trump and the sanctions again put in place, Iran has affirmed it will move forward on the track of building nuclear weapons.

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