Is the American Dream being diluted or inverted? Is the political global establishment trying to reverse the meaning of our sacred values enshrined in the Declaration and Constitution? Was the old American Dream based on the concept of “an informed citizen” as suggested by Jefferson sufficient? Do we not need “an informed and enlightened citizenry” to counteract the clouds of darkness on the Horizon? In fact, do we not need a New American Dream, founded securely on the vision of our Founding Fathers and the valuable augmentation of it by progressive thinkers but also with spiritual vision embedded in the original Utopian ideals of the Enlightenment at the dawn of the American Vision? And do we need not expand this vision to our twenty-first century needs but also a different methodology, a different approach to encompass the idea of an “enlightened citizenry?” Rod Tyler and Johnny Blue Star take on this extraordinary challenge in their discussion of the New American Dream, first broadcast on December 5th, 2015. To listen to our shows live, visit www.ThresholdRadio.Com and tune in to Threshold Radio every Saturday from 8AM to 10AM Pacific Standard Time on Threshold Radio is produced by New Galaxy Enterprises ( a media company specializing in content development, promotion and creative marketing. If you have a media dream, New Galaxy Enterprises will assist you in helping you manifest your dream as a dazzling, media reality. New Galaxy offers both client based and active investor/collaboration options.  New Galaxy is founded and directed by Johnny Blue Star, producer and host of Threshold Radio.  To see various New Galaxy Projects, visit To see our entire lineup of full broadcasts, go to and subscribe.

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