Kenneth Eade returns to discuss the widespread destructiveness of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)- in his novel, “The Involuntary Spy,” part of his Espionage Thriller Series as well as the planetary and human threat based of the irresponsible and unregulated propagation of GMOs. In the series which features a scientist, Seth Rogan, whose conscience forces him into opposition a multi-billion dollar world-wide agri-business that has provided him with job security, enviable benefits and a great professional future. This opposition to a company whose efforts to cover-up their dangerous products parallels the real world in which the potential and even lethal consequences of GMOs for consumers of plant products world-wide have been largely ignored, hidden or downplayed by media, protected by government and thrust on the public, generally oblivious that their supermarket ventures In this interview, Kenneth Eade will explain to our audience why and how understanding the consequences of consuming GMO products can have long-term consequences for yourself, your country and your planet and how government must exercise responsibility and caution in their efforts to regulate scientific practices with far-flung and potentially unforeseen results.  To listen to our shows live, visit www.ThresholdRadio.Com and tune in to Threshold Radio every Saturday from 8AM to 10AM Pacific Standard Time on Threshold Radio is produced by New Galaxy Enterprises ( a media company specializing in content development, promotion and creative marketing. If you have a media dream, New Galaxy Enterprises will assist you in helping you manifest your dream as a dazzling, media reality. New Galaxy offers both client based and active investor/collaboration options.  New Galaxy is founded and directed by Johnny Blue Star, producer and host of Threshold Radio.  To see various New Galaxy Projects, visit To learn more about Ken Eade and his books, go to To see our entire lineup of full broadcasts, go to

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