sandra lafalmmeSandra LaFlamme, a luxury home real estate expert, but also widely experienced in a variety of sales programs presents “The LaFlamme Advanced Communication Training.” Her initial focus with this special program is on “Conscious Sales,” a comprehensive way of blending true spirituality, modern cognitive science and selling with integrity and profitability. The slogan for this new sales platform and forthcoming book is “Maximizing Sales Through Self-Transformation” and involves an emphasis on authenticity, integrity and true product knowledge, but also internal goal setting, empathy and mindfulness and other elements of spirituality in its pursuit a truly client-based sales system.  Sandra explains how the development of her system was largely motivated by her dissastisfaction with the current climate of sales and marketing in the United States, which has led to an emphasis on psychological manipulation and techniques which can involve trance induction and mind control. She explains how this type of lower psychology has filtered into our political and social lives, depriving the culture of politics and commerce of its divine foundations in liberty, prosperity, integrity and justice for all. To listen to our shows live, visit www.ThresholdRadio.Com and tune in to Threshold Radio every Saturday from 8AM to 10AM Pacific Standard Time on Threshold Radio is produced by New Galaxy Enterprises ( a media company specializing in content development, promotion and creative marketing. If you have a media dream, New Galaxy Enterprises will assist you in helping you manifest your dream as a dazzling, media reality. New Galaxy offers both client based and active investor/collaboration options.  New Galaxy is founded and directed by Johnny Blue Star, producer and host of Threshold Radio.  To see various New Galaxy Projects, visit For more information about Sandra, her real estate business and her new venture in “Conscious Sales,” go to

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