Zabe-and-NathanZave Nathan came to this country from Paris with the intention of becoming a rock and roll sensation and a Hollywood actor. But the reality of Hollywood, as projected to the world, was not the same as he anticipated and it took years to begin to face the reality. Even so, his career was interrupted when he accepted his obligation to raise his children in a stable and nurturing environment. After this period of his life was over, he returned to his love of music, eventually collaborating with his now wife and songwriting partner, Bonnie Blazak. Embarked now on a new career, they suddenly together had to face the reality of our national situation where political events, controlled by a confederation of media, corporations and political leadership was threatening the well-being and prosperity of his country and even the planet. They began to formulate their song-writing career with a new level of sophisticated protest, resulting in some of the songs and discussion presented in this broadcast. Songs like “Fooled Me,” “Living in the Closet,” “Common Core” and “Change” are featured in the this Threshold Program. For more of Zave’s songs, go to ZaveMusic on Sound Cloud. To listen to our shows live, visit ThresholdRadio and tune in to Threshold Radio every Saturday from 8AM to 10AM Pacific Standard Time on

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