There are few people in the United States who have not been impacted by the 2015-2016 Presidential Campaigns. While their content has not gone unnoticed, attention by the public has been riveted by the success of two non-establishment political outsiders, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Whatever you may think of their actual policies, they have pointed to the widespread corruption in government, a product of billionaire and corporate financing of electioneering; the campaigns, resulting in part, of the economic downfall of America through destructive trade agreements. They have also pointed out the fact that the popular vote may not really have anywhere near the power they expect, particularly after the Colorado public primaries. There have been many other aspects to these campaigns, not for their extreme contentiousness, name-calling and surrounding behavior in the rallies before and after recent debates. But with all this attention, do the actual policies proposed by the various candidates actually make sense- guiding America to real prosperity and a safer world. This program features a Round Table Discussion with Threshold Radio Host, Johnny Blue Star; Novelist/Attorney Kenneth Eade and Sarah Westall, Host and Producer of Business Game Changers on Conscious Business Radio- as they address the meat of proposals and policies and why, for the most part, they do not really solve problems connected with borders, citizen rights, economics, safety of our food, air, water and medicine and other grave national issues. The discussion focuses on issues like “The Wall,” deportation of 11 million undocumented Mexicans, the ban on Muslims from entering the country and his one association with a topic central to Bernie Sanders’ campaign, the free trade issues, the debate on health by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Ken Eade is an attorney, novelist and environmental and human rights activist, who has devoted himself to the creation of two major novel series, the Brent Marks Legal Series and the Involuntary Spy Espionage Series. The program features a clip from his new book, The Spy Files. To learn more about Ken Eade and his books, go to His books are riveting calls to actions about serious social issues encompassed in dramatic, powerful, suspense novels. Sarah Westall is the courageous host and producer of Business Game Changers, a radio show devoted to analyzing disruptive technology, paradigm shifts and big issues facing government and commercial enterprises through key interviews with the heads of companies, scientists and technologists involved in creating these powerful new realities. Learn more about her show at


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