Patty Greer’s new film, Crop Circle Diaries, strangely premiers on the same date as Threshold Radio premiers on World Wide Digital Broadcasting, an Internet Radio and Television Company, located in Las Vegas. This new film’s world premiere takes place on June 4th, 2016 and plays from 7-9PM at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center at Joshua Tree, California. Our broadcast, featuring two hours with Patty Greer, premiers the same day at OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL The film encapsulates and expands on the actual cornerstone of Crop Circle activities and messages, which seem to embody an advanced technology, whose core matrix resides in its association with plasma, allowing its efforts to build gigantic crop circle structures in a matter of minutes, demonstrate the capacity for enriching the nutrient content of plants, suggesting the framework for zero energy development and interstellar and even interdimensional propulsion. The incredible story of Patty’s meeting with Penny Kelly, Dr. Levengood’s associate for 15 years, opens up to the public some of the remarkable implications of his work for the science behind the work of the Crop Circle Builders. The movie is available right now online at

Patty Greer is a filmmaker, explorer, adventurer as well as a singer/songwriter/composer/musician. This is her second opening in several months, the first being Woman of Today, which involves a peek into the lives of women whose abilities and careers often touch on the miraculous. The rest of her films deal with Crop Circles. In general, Patty has put her full heart and consciousness into this investigation, which she has chronicled in the following films which preceded Crop Circle Diaries: The Shift Has Hit the Fan, Part I and Part II, Crop Circle Update, the Wake Up Call 2012. To buy these films to stream or in DVD form, go to We’re Already In It, Four Stories- One Event- Other Words. In this 2-hour interview, Patty describes her early work in the music industry as we broadcast a number of her wonderful songs like Autumn Glow, Are You the One and We Want Our Planet Back. Visit many more of her songs on YouTube.

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