No doubt the American people who have been very sheeple-like until recently- have begun to realize the high cost of their shearing recently and have become actually involved in electoral politics. In this discussion, Kenneth Eade, Sarah Westall and Johnny Blue Star analyze the tumultuous nature of the awakening and discuss whether awakening is really enough. First of all, how legitimate has been the voting because waking up in a state of paralysis is probably not enough- where there is a possibility of the intentional mishandling of ballots and even the rigging of election machines- or the unfair rules of the parties that skirt a truly popular vote- or even, it could be argued, any kind of a popular vote. How much of the enthusiasm has been based on buying into candidate promises and colorful rhetoric- or even driven by strong negative emotions against forces that they have been told impede their freedom?

Ken Eade is an attorney, novelist and environmental and human rights activist, who has devoted himself to the creation of two major novel series, the Brent Marks Legal Series and the Involuntary Spy Espionage Series. The program features a clip from his new book, The Spy Files. To learn more about Ken Eade and his books, go to His books are riveting calls to actions about serious social issues encompassed in dramatic, powerful, suspense novels. Sarah Westall is the courageous host and producer of Business Game Changers, a radio show devoted to analyzing disruptive technology, paradigm shifts and big issues facing government and commercial enterprises through key interviews with the heads of companies, scientists and technologists involved in creating these powerful new realities. Learn more about her show at

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