On May 16, 2018, Rex Tillerson, the ex-US Secretary of State gave an amazing speech to the Virginia Military Institute in which he established the foundations for Americans to be able to reverse the lack of ethics and corruption which challenges the very essence of the democratic institutions and protocols as developed by our Founding Fathers. Johnny Blue Star, host of Inalienable and Free, chose a certain key passage in his speech which explained these foundations and applied them to an understanding of Israel and the United States’ impactful role in various events in Gaza and Syria. The application of these words to these events is solely the creation of this program- for it is not clear what Tillerson’s own beliefs about these events would be.

 In the host’s opinion, Tillerson, regardless of what some might think of his political and business history,  has showed a great deal of courage in trying to do many things right in an administration that displayed a great lack of concern about the consequences of so many of their policies. Among other things, in the host’s opinion, the US attack on Syria because of their alleged role in supposed chemical attacks on their own opinion and the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem represented a profoundly flawed set of policies that went counter to Tillerson’s masterful words, the Constitution and international law. Witnessing the callousness of the ceremony during a time when its participants knew of the Massacre taking place in Gaza, was a truly repugnant episode, uniquely opposed to the policy of peace professed by administrations of both the US and the State of Israel. In the words of the show, “Tillerson’s words were used because they reflected a deep understanding of was needed to do to make America- and this planet- great- not again, but, in the opinion of the host, for the very first time.”

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