As we described in our last program, Trump’s base is probably motivated as much or more by their fear that certain minorities are endangering this country’s safety, and economy rather than Trump’s multiple attempts to doctor the economy with tariffs and sanction, tax cuts, deregulations and other strategies to allegedly the improve life of working people in America. The reality is that insulting other countries with foreign ethnicities, targeting Hispanics for deportation and taking children away from parents who have penetrated their borders, creating a travel ban, playing favorites with his evangelical base and Israel while targeting the Palestinians- is clearly visible and immediate. And, for the most part, these tactics are pleasurable to his base although disruptive and dangerous to the lives of thousands of people throughout the world. Still, these assaults on minorities distract from the long-term gambles on a new health care approach, giving billions in tax cuts to the rich, the consequences of exiting trade agreements and encumbering the government with a very big military budget and much greater long term debt.

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