In order for an authoritarian leader to create a political base strong enough to assist him in getting elected, he must provide a strong, targeted appeal to much of the electorate. To do this, he must create or relate to fear in the hearts of his would-be supporters. Fear is the first of three steps necessary to create a loyal follower of a religious or political cult. If the fear is dormant, he may need to exaggerate it. The second thing is the developing a story which accounts for the cause- or actually agent- of this fear. This often means targeting certain minorities. His appeal needs to very clear- and sometimes he must distort the facts. Thirdly, would be getting the base to realize that the authoritarian leader has the unique potential to help solve the problem. He is clearly superior- and so are his ideas.

If he is successful, then he may succeed in not only catering to the prejudice inherent in his potential base- but expanding this to those who have not yet succumbed to bigotry- because they had no reason to.. Our present administration is similar to Hitler, choosing to emphasize minorities as profound targets of the wrath of the base but then folding other minorities into this portfolio of profoundly cruel aggression. In this program, the first of a series, we look at Trump’s attacks on Afro-American citizens- decades before his bid for the Presidency. Hitler focused on the Jews but then was happy to prosecute Catholic priests, homosexuals, freemasons, gypsies and others. Trump targets Muslims and Hispanics primarily, followed by Afro-Americans, Native Americans, the Palestinians, the LBGT community. In this respect, we discuss the latest disclosures and controversies in Omarosa’s book, his attack on the Central Park 5, on the protesting NFL players, his comments on Haiti, Somali and Nigeria. etc.- as well as Woody Guthrie’s response to Trump’s father’s discrimination against blacks in his Beach Haven apartments.
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