We have been developing a series called Recipe for a Perfect World- A Geopolitical Perspective. In this series, we examine current geopolitical paradigms and contrast them with our current version of a better paradigm. We also attempt to explain how and why polarized paradigms permeate the geopolitical landscape owing to the lack of harmonization with mankind’s most vital legacy- the ability to live a life in harmony with true spirituality. In the current set of programs within this series, we have been discussing the various parameters to become a responsible citizen, informed and awakened, can capable of making rational and spiritually-sound decisions. In our last program, we discussed a most important parameter in this goal- Can we recognize bias- in ourselves and others? We ask if we can overcome these biases and redirect our efforts towards the truth?

In this program, we bring up Omarosa Manigault Newman, who has just written a book called Unhinged and claims to have recently overcome her positive bias towards Trump with blinded her to his racist tendencies and actions. We analyze her decision, demonstrating the complexity of her situation and charges but realizing that there is a great deal of evidence for this type of racism in the Trump administration.

We look at many issues regarding bias- but are guided somewhat by the point of view of philosopher and writer, David Livingstone Smith. See a full exposition of his video at https://youtu.be/cvdMw-YKuio in its tendency to be used by authoritarians who would uproot a democratic order. We point out a pattern of authoritarian protocols which involve creating fear of a current situation, designating persons or groups at the root of these fears and developing the authoritarian and his group as presenting the only real answer to this problem. In the process of pursuing his goal of acquiring followers while utilizing these steps, there is a tendency to exaggerate or create facts to achieve a way to generalize perhaps some miscreants in a group so that blame could be placed on the whole group. We discuss the value of scapegoating in this manner to an objective of finding a suitable political following.

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