1994 was a year that unleashed a horror that to her- and to the rest of the world- was on a scale that was beyond recognition. In a 100 days, the meticulous slaughter of 800,000 Tutsis by the Hutu population was viciously implemented in a rampage of murder, torture and rape while the political and media world stood largely silent. Former friends and neighbors often callously stood by or participated in an unforgiving violence fueled by years of political and cultural manipulation. Our guest for this show, Consolee Nishimwe, was a witness to this and has authored a book called, Tested To The Limit: A Genocide Survivor’s Story Of Pain, Resilience And Hope. Consolee’s book which I read in its entirety before our interview is clearly one of the most devastating, heart-breaking accounts of human tragedy I have ever encountered. Nonetheless, it show the extent of human courage and perseverance despite an unbelievable abuse and destruction of life around Consolee and her family. Also, it gives a glimpse as to the way human beings can be influenced by social programming by government and private media, which I believe can seen clearly in this country, where we are violating needy and abused asylum seekers every day because of “immigration policies.” Despite the extent of the tragedy in Rwanda, probably, as Consolee says, more people heard of it because of the movie, Hotel Rwanda, then while this horrendous tragedy of recurring. Consolee recounts the consequence to herself and her family and how she made a pact with herself to take action by writing this book and by numerous speaking engagements to bring forgiveness and understanding to aid the survivors. Although it is necessary to seek justice for these horrendous crimes, being consumed by hatred after the experience after a tragedy of this magnitude can exercise a toxic, self-destructive direction for survivors to take. Forgiveness and the exercise of justice without hatred is the better answer. I think it is also significant that Wayne Dyer became befriended to Consolee and was also available and helpful to assist in her healing. Order this important book- Tested To The Limit -A Genocide Survivor’s Story Of Pain, Resilience And Hope by Consolee Nishimwe: https://www.amazon.com/Tested-Limit-Genocide-SurvivorS-Resilience-ebook/dp/B0792X4YTG/ For full service media content development: novels, non-fiction books, film scripts, audio and video ads and editing web content, web design, articles, press releases, social media profiles http://newgalaxyenterprises.com/ Archives for Inalienable and Free, Threshold Radio, Integrative Hermetic Health Show http://newgalaxybroadcasting.com/ Podcasts on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/inalienable-free-johnny-blue-star-dr-hugo-rodier/id1373849924 ¬Subscribe to Threshold Radio on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/thresholdradio ¬Subscribe to New Galaxy Broadcasting on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrIElj8F6jpZixCTE-KXMnQ


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