In our last program, we presented the multiple reasons that we should de-nuclearize the planet- with the main reason being, if we don’t, we might destroy the entire human species. In this show, we present a set of paradigms that might be useful to consider in order to create this possibility. Inalienable and Free: Voice of the Coalition generally presents paradigms that will change our world’s polarized political policies that keep the world in economic and political turmoil.

The key problems with fulfilling this goal is the unfortunate over-reliance various world economies have had in their commitment to continuing to keep alive and ready a monstrous doomsday machine that can destroy the human population on Earth; the psychological impulses that drive men to let their desire for power over others to warp their natural love for their fellow man- and perhaps the recalcitrance of industries to change their unenlightened infrastructure that produces toxic and deadly products and substances to those which might nurture and restore the world’s ecological balance.

If you believe that to live in a planet of prosperity and peace for all demands the recognition of the equality of all men and women of this planet and an understanding of their inalienable rights, then support the Coalition for Planetary Empowerment:
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