Despite Trump’s campaign promises to diminish the use of our troops in foreign military excursions, after his reign began, he showed that he was not just willing to provide this country with a strong military foundation, but he was willing to use it, directly and indirectly.

Accordingly, On September 19, 2017, Trump gave a speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations which concluded with very serious allegations against the government of Nicolas Maduro. Maduro, who took over from Chavez, has overseen a country with serious a serious currency problem and an emigration crisis of massive proportions, as well as pockets of extreme suffering of components of its population. There were pockets of hunger and unsatisfied health needs as well as unemployment. Nonetheless, there is a debate over the actual corruption and authoritarianism of the regime as well as discussion of the extent of the suffering as described in media. In this program, various alternative media views will be presented. It is up to make up our mind whether or not, storm clouds are brewing and whether or not some kind of peace has a chance of prevailing or whether either a direct or indirect military actions by the United States is immanent.

Inalienable and Free: the Voice of the Coalition is a program devoted to The Coalition for Planetary Empowerment, a unique project designed to empower the citizens of Planet Earth both individually and collectively. Its focus is on the restoration, protection and enhancement of citizen and human rights throughout the world. As this program is centered in the United States, our first task is to create a website and social network infrastructure to promote individual manifestation and collective efforts to take back control as citizens and consumer/shareholders of our rightful political power, our safety and true benefit as consumers and shareholders and our right to a free and responsible media as the main source of revenue as spectators and consumers of products publicly advertised in media.


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