After a somewhat long pause, during which time Hugo Rodier, M.D., participated as a host on Inalienable and Free, another New Galaxy Broadcast, he returns to pilot Integrative Hermetic Health, a broadcast featuring the vital concerns he has over American and world health issues. Even as a medical student- and before medical research began to popularly and powerfully validate the importance of nutrition in the public mind, Dr. Rodier believed, going back to the ancient dictum of Hippocrates that “Food is Medicine.” Now, an Integrative Physician, Dr. Rodier believes that most often nutritional problems often form the basis of most illness. But he also realizes there are times when conventional medicine can fill the gap as well as a wide array of other disciplines, neglected in the past by the medical profession but now seriously addressed by integrative medicine which believes that herbal medicine, acupressure, chiropractic and other disciplines have their place in the healing arts. In this program, Doctor Rodier describes his journey to a more complete awareness of the foundations of real healing and how the revolutionary emergence of Integrative Medicines offers a blessing to persons struggling with illness. He also definitely warns against practitioners in this field succumbing to the temptation to put profits over genuine healing, a temptation that has fallen to by the pharmaceutical profession and the many doctors who have so crowded out the general practitioner with their expensive specialties that the modern practice of medicine is often short-sighted, lacking the wisdom of those in a more general practices that do not confine their work to a very specific physiological system with a limited range of remedies. In this broadcast, we also discuss Doctor Rodier’s interest in Hermetic Science and its unexpected value in understanding the healing arts today.


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