This is a two-part program featuring a discussion of the lack of understanding by many of the medical profession of the value of real nutritional knowledge in fighting various types of medical problems. Doctor Rodier, M. D., an integrative medical physician, brings his special focus on nutrition to bear on this discussion, having been decades ahead of modern medicine practices at the very beginning of his medical training in his understanding of the critical importance of this emphasis.

Although keeping up-to-date and reporting regularly through his blogs about the latest discoveries as published medical journals, he has found that cutting edge research over the past few decades have only conformed the importance of this discovery, echoing his belief that in so many cases, Hippocrates was right- food is medicine. For this reason, he claims that even with the most effective way of granting citizens affordable healthcare- whether Medicare for All or some other formulation of government policy- the actual practice of medicine, with its emphasis on specialists, its wide-ranging use of pharmaceutical drugs that really mask symptoms and do not effect real cures, the ignorance of nutrition despite modern research confirming its importance, its still lack of effective training of doctors in nutrition during medical school- and the emphasis on research of pharmaceutical, often conducted under the auspices of pharmaceutical companies- is depriving the medical profession of its full healing potential.

In this first part, Doctor Rodier will present a critique of a typical explication of a modern doctor’s view of supplements; of the need for more understanding of the deficiency of the Standard American Diet )SAD). importance of fiber in food and whole grains, the effect of drugs in decreasing certain nutrients in the body necessitating the use of supplements, the defects of processed foods in supplying nutrients needed from these foods but hampered by multiple manipulations by the food and agricultural industry.

Doctor Rodier, in these two episodes, discusses the widely misunderstood aspect of impacts of the environment and relationship on the physical body’s need for nutrition as a component of nutritional knowledge needed by the medical profession.

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