Today we take a look at the extraordinary perspective on healthcare currently be promoted by Marianne Williamson which bears a very close proximity to the what Dr. Rodier, M. D. and host of the Integrative Hermetic Health show,  has been speaking about since this program started.  One of those things, in opposition to other Medicare for All Proposals, was our opinion that those who wanted private insurance should be allowed to keep it and Marianne definitely proposed the same thing. But moreover  in importance was her point, which we have made again and again, was that Medicare for All, if passed in several of its active proposals, does not take care of the fundamental problems with healthcare in the United States.

What is the fundamental problem? As Marianne says it, we don’t really have a healthcare system in the United States, we have a sickcare system, dominated by corporate forces which are driven by profitability, not the kind of ethics and spirituality which would drive them towards the common good- a real heatlh care system. What would that be like?

For one thing, as our program has constantly stood for- it would look to solving many problems by concentrating on nutrition and eliminating the terrible environmental problems that can override even nutritional solutions, when appropriate. The current administration has managed to challenge many of the environmental protections to air, water and soil that had  been fruitful- and turned its back on global warming whose current  scientific solutions would also cut down on pollution, a problem affecting the health and safety of all citizens of this country. We look at and discuss many of Williamson’s solutions in this program.

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