Regularly, the Integrative Hermetic Health show presents new medical information extracted from the best contemporary articles in medical journals. Some of these articles, based on new research, can be startling. One example is a story based on extracting bacteria from the colon in human athletes, in this case elite runners and transferring it to mice so that, after the transfer, they could evaluate the effect on mouse performance.  In this program, we will present these findings and examine the potential effect of this and related studies on our methodologies of improving athletic performance.

We examine the value of nutritionally sound meal replacements and their potential value for overweight individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. Doctor Rodier explains how and shy he uses them regularly in his practice. These are not your garden variety of meal replacements often loaded down with chemicals and objectionable substances that defeat rather than increase the health of the user.

Can nuts eaten during pregnancy increase the IQ of children? This study, surprising to some, gives the results on children of mothers with this habit of consumption- in terms of memory, attention and IQ.

Whereas this last study of mothers and their children produced rather positive results, another study examining the potential effects of a certain treatments on the eating habits over 500,000 Danish girls from 1989 to 2006 could be said to be rather disheartening. These findings suggest immunologic disorders, treated with antibiotics and other anti-infective agents are associated with increased risk of subsequent anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and eating disorders not otherwise specified and that future studies should investigate whether these associations are causal and identify the exact mechanisms between infections and subsequent inflammatory processes with eating disorders.

We also discuss how certain common chemicals can effect obesity in the children of mothers exposed to these elements every day, even while the children are still in utero.

It almost looks like there is toxicity at every turn. The Integrative Hermetic Health Show presents not only the negative consequences of these elements, but also the positive steps on can take to be healthy, active and more immune to the effects of living in a toxic-saturated food and chemical culture.

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