Doctor Rodier’s recommendations to change his patients’ diets often follow with their professions of struggle. Dealing with comfort food and addiction is not often easy. But for many years, Doctor Rodier has seen very powerful changes in his patients’ health and happiness if they persevere. As the ancients tell us, there is more honor if you can fall and get up as many times as necessary to reach your goal. October is Breast Cancer Month. And this is a problem which affects men as well as women. Because it is less common among men, when it is discovered, it is often fatal. Doctor Rodier explains why we could be doing much more to end this terrible problem. For one thing, 85% of cancer is environmental and this factor is often ignored. There are over 800 xenoestrogens in our environments and they are the significant factors which cause breast cancer as well as prostate cancer. Breast Cancer Month should do more to emphasize these elements, which need to be avoided or outlawed. Another problem with dealing with cancer is the process of detoxifying, a process that occurs in the liver. The microbiome will influence the way and degree we detoxify substances in the liver. So in order to Effectively detoxify, we need to strengthen the microbiome, another potentially critical factor in preventing breast cancer and other ailments caused by toxic substances. So diet is essential to the process. Since plant-based diets are healthier, you may decide to eat veggies- and, by choosing that option, you can certain follow on a high protein diet if you select the right options.. Still, sometimes when someone becomes vegetarian they turn to sugar. So if this is the case, according to Doctor Rodier, health-wise, it might be better to eat a bit of organic meat if that is necessary to be satisfied, instead of turning to sugar. When you feed the bad guys with bad food, they get stronger and they want more. And this strengthens the brain-gut connectioniIn favor of the more dangerous micro-organizms. In fact, any type of addiction therapy must, accordingly, deal with food. For even with cocaine or heroin, the bad guys in the microbiome feed on and like these drugs- so the brain gut addiction keeps them happy. A recent meta-analysis published in August in JAMA Network Open “shows an association between cesarean birth and the risk of developing autism or attention deficit disorder.” The meta-analysis “looked at data from 61 previously published studies, which together included more than 20 million deliveries, and found that birth by cesarean section was associated with a 33 percent higher risk of autism and a 17 percent higher risk of attention deficit disorder.” Film scripts, audio and video ads and editing web content, web design, articles, press releases, social media profiles Archives for Inalienable and Free, Threshold Radio, Integrative Hermetic Health Show Archives for Integrative Hermetic Health: Podcasts on iTunes: ¬Subscribe to Threshold Radio on YouTube: ¬Subscribe to New Galaxy Broadcasting on YouTube:


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