In today’s program, we look at some big controversies and take a look at one of the most important contributors to longevity as Doctor Hugo Rodier, an integrative physician, combines his broad-based philosophy and hermetic instincts with new medical research.

Most people rightly would say that air pollution can cause extreme pollution problems. But in as a Newsweek article by Kashmira Gander reports about information gleaned from an insurance database of over 151 million people in
The U.S. and about 1.5 million in Denmark, where the looked at national treatment and pollution registers, ““Being exposed to air pollution could raise the risk of developing mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder and major depression,”

Speaking of mental problems caused by external factors- how about recent studies that claim that there is a link between maternal fluoride intake and IQ
Reduction. One article in the Washington Post by Ben Guarino reports about a study published in JAMA pediatrics which says, children “whose mothers drank fluoridated tap water while pregnant had slightly lower IQ scores than children whose mothers lived in non-fluoridated cities.” In our show, Doctor Rodier analyzes the evidence for IQ reduction but also the claims about fluoride being helpful to prevent tooth decay.

Doctor Rodier also discusses the assertion about milk- that it helps build strong bones and teeth because of its high quantities of calcium. He questions the validity of this assertion and explains how the dairy lobby made a quantum leap suggesting that the fact that there is a lot of calcium in milk can lead to his proper absorption by the body to add it to bones and teeth. Get his full explanation in this program.

He also discusses the new research that backs up the value of a vegan diet for infants and children.

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