Sometimes we like to remind our audience that we need to relate eating to psychological and personal satisfaction as well as nutrition. Part of the functions of food is enjoyment and that also aids health and that enjoyment is also part of being fully human. One enjoyable food to eat which often gets kind of a bad rap because of their fat content. Dr. Rodier reminds his listeners that nuts have good fats- and because of that, nuts can actually help you lose weight. Dr. Rodier likes to eat his nuts with cacao, chocolate without sugar, which is plentiful in anti-oxidants and quite good for you, although it is a bit bitter without the sugar. Cancer is largely- around 85%- an environmental problem caused by xenoestrogens. There are over 800 of them that we can encounter including pesticides, dioxins, heavy metals, fluoride, chloride, etc. rocket fuel. We focus on the fact that B vitamins can aid in the direction of protecting us from breast and prostate cancer. This is due to their function with methylation. Methylation is an important aspect of detoxification in the liver. We are speaking specifically here of the process of attaching B Vitamins to proteins. As a Journal of the National Cancer Institute reports: “They are properly absorbed from the gut when we have a healthy microbiome to handle the foods that have B vitamins (fish, eggs, whole grains, leafy veggies, legumes, fruits.)B vitamins are critical for many functions, including METHYLATION in the liver. Methylation is an important pathway to rid the body of Xenoestrogens, as is Glucoronidation, which is fueled by cruciferous veggies. Methylation is also critical for DNA unfolding. A lack of B vitamins compromises healthy aging which increases risk of cancer. Look up “Epigenetics.” You do not get adequate amounts of B vitamins eating refined foods.” These vitamins are mostly found in whole grains and veggies. Our program also discusses the proper kind of testing for B vitamins- something other than the normal blood tests which evaluate the amount of B vitamins in the blood. The more relevant test is one that can point out the need for B vitamins within the cell itself, where the action really is. Methylation also takes place in the brain and helps create good neurotransmitters and B vitamins participate in this process but also can help with the expression of your genes. We also discuss issues related to the dangers of too much screen time for young children, problems with statin drugs and antibiotics and the importance of humanistic approach to medicine that does not put profit-making over real curative solutions to health problems. Film scripts, audio and video ads and editing web content, web design, articles, press releases, social media profiles Archives for Inalienable and Free, Threshold Radio, Integrative Hermetic Health Show Archives for Integrative Hermetic Health: Podcasts on iTunes: ¬Subscribe to Threshold Radio on YouTube:


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