In this show, we discover how new research has unveiled the ability to change white matter in the brain. We discuss the implications of brain training in this New world of medical discovery, including the helpful science behind biofeedback. This methodology of identifying brain wave activity has led to the ability to monitor changes in that activity in various ways. It has long been known that brain wave activity can produce alpha waves by meditation- but now there are actual treatments for various disorders such as PTSD, depression, anxiety and even epilepsy. Another form of brain training is related to visualization, widely used by athletes for many years. Its new uses in handling some situations involving partial paralysis are simply amazing. There is a crisis in men reaching appropriate levels in their sperm count. This has been going on for some time. Doctor Rodier explains how toxics environment and eating the wrong diet. He explains what is needed to be done to effect a change in the sperm count issue but also in the blockage of testosterone, am effect of insulin resistance.

The relation to diet to sperm count has been exhaustively revealed in a Danish study with 3000 men for nine years. We discuss the details of this study in this program. We further present a narrative from the Mayo Clinic on the Mediterranean Diet in older people and present Dr. Rodier’s clear approval, in general, of this diet- for various reasons explained in this program.

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