After our first interview with Michael Priv on his autobiographical book, The Golden Fleece, Diary of a Scientology Warrior, we decided to take a close look at another book of his called “You Are A Psychic- The Healer’s Handbook.” We have devoted two broadcasts to this book, the first being on his journey to developing this elaborate system of healing and the second more or less on the mechanics of that protocol.

Michael left Scientology after having been convicted of “treason” by a Scientology tribunal. After being more or less confined in their rehabilitation center, in reality very closely approximating an actual jail, he managed to escape. Now, after decades of work for the Sea Org, a Scientology organization, he had to rebuild his life at the age of 45.

Part of this effort- besides needing to find work- was to probe more deeply into spirituality. To this effort, he studied dozens of the world religions but also began to probe different spiritual teachings. Three of his influences were Wayne Dyer, Christie Marie Sheldon and Michael Beckwith, whose books he read and whose exercises he practiced. During one of the exercises presented by Michael Beckwith, he had an extraordinary mystical experience- and realized with certainty his divine connection for the first time.

This book begins with a disclaimer, which I am publishing here and which also applies to anyone who is listening to this program: This Handbook is a tool of spiritual enhancement. It is intended for development of spiritual skills and abilities. It is not intended as a substitute for medical help and does not advocate the abolishment of medical services. Any medical condition should be checked by a qualified medical doctor.

This is an exciting interview showing the evolution of a psychic healer.

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