The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part I features an Interview with Eric Kinnamon, called K by his friends and associates. This program highlights K’s path from combat nurse in the United States Army for eight years to working as an ICU nurse employed in hospitals to an important transition to his role in the same hospitals as an independent contractor, a position with a higher paygrade and more flexibility in hours. During various points before he became a professor, he was actually working as a nurse but moonlighting in IT positions, where his abilities were informed by his undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems or M.I.S. . In the program, he explains how his path to teaching business strategy and entrepreneurship was informed by his in-the-field practical experience.

It used to be that entrepreneurship was almost a dirty word in the world of academic education and degrees. The advance of this most American of aspirations has continually made our country a leader in technology and, ironically, has been ignored until the last few decades by undergraduate and graduate programs where it is now currently blossoming. Yet many Americans do not even remotely know of this phenomenon and the dreams goals of many young people to become entrepreneurs still do not collide much with the programs of academia. Yet real education, saL’dly ignored so often, in academic curriculums may have hope yet, in this field and others, owing to the meshing of practical and limitless realities inspired by entrepreneurial teachers and coaches of the likes of K Kinnamon.

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