Threshold Radio continues with another special presentation of Bridge of Light Production’s showcase of musical talent throughout the world, this time focusing on an emerging singer/songwriter, Stephanie Slevin from the U.K. This program, A Galaxy of Song,” includes many of Stephanie’s original creations, tracing her dramatic, career as an emerging songwriter. Songs include her funny, but bittersweet, “I Know You Love Me the Most,” that has achieved heavy rotation in stations throughout the world; “Dublin,” an account of JFK’s visit to the famous city when Stephanie was a mere toddler; “Gifted,” a tribute the great blues singer and songwriter, Robert Johnson; “Cast A Shadow,” a song written to a new friend with an abused childhood and many, many more. Stephanie’s extraordinary award-sinning lyrical and musical mastery covers a broad range of ideas, stories and genres, making her a kind of extraordinary well-spring of creativity, often focusing on the struggles of ordinary life but always tilting towards a sense of the extraordinary hidden elements of human existence. If you listen to the songs in this week’s program, you will hear a profound difference in the way she sings each song, her voice changing in accent, in style and in delivery according to the spirit of each piece. We consider quite an honor to be able to speak with her about the inspiration and secret history of each song’s evolution in our special program, A Galaxy of Song.

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