In our last show with Paula Lenz, we heard how Paula, filled with grief and despair after the death of her brother, Don, was driving towards her Grandmother’s house, when she suddenly developed the ability to see 36o degrees around her, realizing that somehow, she had moved into a different plane of existence. At the same time, she felt a hand on her shoulder and realized that it was her deceased brother, Don, talking to her in a world beyond death. Although her brother and the holographic landscape appeared to be composed of pinpoints of light rather than opaque forms, she could clearly see the contours of this amazing new world and clearly recognize her brother.

From this perspective, she was enfolded deeper and deeper into the Oneness which was the hallmark of this new world. Her communion with this oneness was so great that she experienced the total knowledge of the past, present and future of all things, all encompassed in an umbrella of vast, unconditional love.

When she returned, although she never died or had anything like a Near Death Experience, she found herself a changed person- telepathic, having very accurate premonitions and now so obsessed with the spiritual nature of her experience, she began reading voluminously about these kinds of experiences- most all related, but not identical to her own. She found herself, an English major, now drawn entirely to non-fiction. She then joined the Unity Church, seeking a church that could find some credence with her discoveries and the universal experience she had uncovered as the hidden reality behind the human experience.

In this program, Paula reveals how communication with her brother, at some moments resembling the famous case of Bishop Pike, whose deceased son allegedly communicated with him, giving him a change of heart that changed his relation to the Episcopal Church. These communications may have ultimately resulted in a revelation that saved her entire family’s life. Much of her experience after her communion with unconditional love in its purest forms, resembles some of Dannion Brinkley’s past NDE experience. Brinkley was one of the main subjects of Dr. Raymond Moody, whose research encompassed the first early research into the Near Death and Shared Death experience, both of which resemble, to some extent, Paula’s rather unique experience.

As her official press release says, “Dr. Janice Holden, Professor at the University of North Texas and a renowned Researcher on Near-Death Experience and other after death outreach, wrote the book’s Afterword. She explains that Paula’s experience is an unusual one and defies exact classification as it has attributes and aftereffects of an After Death Communication (ADC), Shared Death Experience (SDE) and a Near-Death Experience (NDE). Even the circumstances of her experience are unusual in that she left her body while she was driving her brother’s personal truck!”

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