For those curious about what life is like after death, this show reveals remarkable new human experience going beyond what has been commonly called the Near Death Experience, whose early research was developed by Dr. Raymond Moody and followed by his newer research into what is called the Shared Death Experience. In fact, in Paula Lenz experience, recorded in this interview on Threshold Radio, shows how a living person can plucked out of the realm of the living by a person now fully residing in the land of the Dead- in this case, her brother, Don.

The event occurred during a time she was driving, still struck by unyielding and painful grief, testing her will to live and enjoy her life. At that time, she was safely driving when she was hurtled by her unexpected companion, the very brother she was mourning into a new world and entirely new perspective on life and death. It is a message of love, the grandeur of the mystical experience and a departure of the world view ascribing death to the end of human existence. As Kenneth Ring, Ph. D., author of Lessons from the Light and one of the founders of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), said, Paula Lenz’s book shows how the deepest grief can unlock the greatest spiritual treasures.
The story of how the death of her beloved brother Don also provided her – and us – with incontrovertible evidence of life after death should convince any skeptic that we live after we die.

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