Johnny returns with Part II of his Fantasy Presidential Platform, especially after the discord, innuendo and outright attacks in the Republican debates and the Twitter wars which have followed. He takes objection to the format of the debates, the rancor of the candidates and their attacks and often the performance of the interviewers. A campaign platform cannot be separated from the campaign and the demeanor of the candidate. As both Jefferson and Kennedy agreed on, one needs an educated and informed public to create a responsible democracy and these debates should serve that interest and purpose instead of being a ludicrous political adventure in spotlighting defamation of character and attempting to synthesize important issues into indigestible sound bytes. In this show, Johnny takes on the character of war and what he deems to the general inhumanity of conventional weaponry and strategy, opting for a system of defense based on non-lethal warfare as a predominant option, when possible. He defends the idea of securing the border, even militarizing it with non-lethal weaponry, but explains why amnesty for the current non-documented residents for those who came here for financial and personal survival with their families may not only be an act of mercy, but an act of justice.

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