This broadcast features a lawyer turned author and activist who has created two major novel series- the Brent Marks legal thriller series and the Involuntary Spy espionage series. Compared to John Grisham, also an attorney, Eade remarks that the core difference between the two authors is that his books are fueled by facts and reality and are not just an ordinary kind of fiction. In this interview, we will find out how Eade was prompted to relentlessly write fiction because of a failure to communicate with friends, relatives and associates, as well as the general public- just like many who have awakened to the alarming manifold breaches in adhering to the spirit and letter of the Constitution. Still, he has written a number of non-fiction books to alert the public to specific environmental dangers- in particular, on bee colony collapse, a danger which has widespread global consequences. In the show, a great deal of discussion bears on the subject of government-sanctioned torture, a subject appearing as the main theme of his book, “A Patriot’s Act.” Eade and Blue Star discuss how patriotism needs to be aligned with the vision of liberty and equality of human rights as influenced the actions and writings of the Founding Fathers…. How patriotism needs to be about values not blind obedience to a prevailing government, however fallen from the goals supporting America’s ideal of representative democracy and justice for everyone. Kenneth Eade makes powerful points about the dangers of our citizen’s lethargy in participating in political interactions to acquire representation that goes beyond the current corporate and party agenda.

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