In this program, we are driven to discuss the number one complaint brought to doctors by their patients- their continual battle with fatigue. What used to be called “chronic fatigue” has now been labelled “Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease- Myalgic Encephalomyelitis,” a tongue-twister that challenges our ability to cognitively deal with the problem with efficiency and clarity.

Surely, one component of this condition workaholism- but this isn’t probably the main reason. One study points to an over-active immune system, which suggests that the immune system, largely housed in the microbiome, may be putting up a fight against toxic food substances challenging the good bacteria in the gut by feeding the bad bacteria. And this turmoil can lead to the impairment of brain functions.

We discuss how the term, “adrenal exhaustion,” may have been prematurely abandoned by doctors= for the wrong reason.

One article points to a recent study that seems to point to napping as a potential warning sign about the approaching of Alzheimer’s disease. Doctor Rodier seeks to put this warning in greater balance since napping, as experienced for centuries in so many cultures, is probably a very good thing. But, yes, if a diet excessively favors sugar, non-restorative napping could be a warning signal. The over-abundance of insulin in the brain could lead to what is now being called Type 3 diabetes.

The Integrative Hermetic Health tries to bring in modern research without forgetting the sometimes almost prophetic insights of ancient wisdom. In this show, we discuss how important reaching out to the Higher Self and how it can enable you to better deal with the many aspects of deception constantly bombarding us in the world.

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