Much of this program is related to themes concerning sugar, addiction, the microbiome and inflammation. In 2005, our host, Hugo Rodier, an integrative medical physician, wrote a book called, “Licking Sweet Death,” which had been inspired by his struggle with sugar addiction and a dedicated effort to study the problem and its connection to an incredibly wide variety of health conditions in the 1990’s, when the medical establishment did not take nutrition as seriously as today, when it is finally waking up to research that began decades ago.

The various derivatives from sucrose and high fructose corn syrup are involved in
many of our health conditions. In this program, we discuss an article that relates high fructose corn syrup to intestinal cancer. Still despite this focus, it is clear that these substances can do damage to many more organs in the body and they are highly addictive and super promoted in many different ways, but perhaps mainly by the food items available in huge quantities in most of our supermarkets.

In 1931, Dr.Otto Heinrich Warburg received the Nobel Prize for his discovery that “Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline.” This, all the way back then, had enormous implications for what we eat and the need for the body to be alkaline. The physical effects do not only impact the physical body, but the microbiome, a massive army of bacteria when properly functioning, compose a huge amount of our immune system. And when the microbiome has the wrong type of bacteria in quantity, they themselves crave satisfaction from sugary products and help drive the addiction.

We further had a discussion, more in the direction of the hermetic nature of our conversations, of the claims that memory is not just stored in the brain. We mention, for instance, the results of myofascial tissue message, which appears to release unpleasant stored memories- but also more consciousness related issues such as the claims that Gregg Braden and others make to say that these memories may be stored in a field of consciousness outside the body and are received by certain components of the brain acting as an antenna. Also, we discuss the near death experiences; for instance, as related by author, Dannion Brinkley, in his book, “Saved By The Light” and the experience of famed American guru, Baba Ram Dass, that led him to believe that his teacher in India knew things about him that were impossible by normal human methods of accessing information.

We also discuss the legality of drugs in light of their possible role of expansion of consciousness, the discovery that a common arthritic pain control substance may be useful in prevention of cardiovascular disease and yet another story about the dangers of the wrong use of antibiotics, also in the area of cardiovascular disease.

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