The United States is dead last in respect of providing universal healthcare to its citizens in world the major countries in the industrialized world. A lot of the opposition to the idea of Medicare for All cry out “socialism” as an objection. The problem with this is that our country already has a lot of socialized medicine- provided as Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Health Administration and the Federal Employees Health Administration program. But although this is funded by taxpayers, the United States remains a country where the majority of industry is very clearly run by private business- just as England, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, etc. are. The term, Democratic Socialism, as used to describe various Scandinavian countries, has nothing to do with the kind of socialist state like the old Soviet Union aspired to be where government owned a great deal of industry.

Medicare for All, however, provides a certain type of financial relief for people who basically partake of a system which uses pharmaceuticals that mask symptoms but are not truly curative, offers a great deal of unneeded and expensive surgery to people and neglects the important role that nutrition should play in preventing and actually fixing health conditions. In the program, Doctor Rodier comments on a Business Week article that asserts that as much as 80% of medical solutions are ineffective and are basically wasted efforts. So, if we capitalize the current system without further reform, we are financing a Medicare for All Program with 80% pork and a financial investment that is mostly useless. We need to reform our health system so that the excessive number of specialists, the majority of pharmaceuticals with dangerous side effects that only mask symptoms and the unneeded surgeries are eliminated .

Dr. Rodier affirms that the solutions lie in a quiet movement among doctors and other health care givers who realize that these injurious elements can be eliminated but the impact of this knowledge of a better more effective system cannot be implemented as yet. There is too much financial investment by practitioners and drug companies in the system and too little true knowledge of what the system really is all about for there to be specific change at this juncture.

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