In our last program, we dealt with three pillars of nutritional well-being. The first pillar was directly nutrition- as what you consume as food can critically affect your health. The second was the environment. And the third was relationships. The last two pillars, relationships and environment- as we have begun to demonstrate can critically affect the quality and quantity of nutrients in our body. Both environmental and relationship factors can force the body to give up vital nutrients more readily just to deal with environmental and relationship issues.

The role of the liver in regulating the metabolism of sugar unless over overwhelmed by an excessive use of sugar. Therefore, the liver functions, when normal, protects against pre-diabetic and diabetic issues. When inspected by ultrasound, the liver sometimes shows a thin layer of fat coating the liver. The dangers of this coating are often underestimated by doctors as it impedes the functioning of the liver. Although there may be some value in a liver cleanse, the most important area to attack active or potential liver damage would be to eat the right combination of vegetables and fruits, thereby empowering the benign bacteria in the gut, which represents the bulk of the immune system in the human body. A poor diet can damage the outer layers of the cell and prevent insulin from entering the cells of the liver (as well as other outer membranes of cells from other organs). Insulin resistance is a main factor in trapping glucose in the blood, which, if not used, can be transformed into fat. If this resistance occurs in the cells of the brain, it can be a major factor in various conditions alike Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders because the brain hasn’t enough energy to do its job. This condition is sometimes called, nowadays, Type 3 diabetes. The same sort of problem can affect erectile dysfunction.

Part of the problems which cause stress is that we are a left-brained society, very identified what might have been called hyper-masculine ideals- one of which is a combative mode of thought which emphasizes the need to conquer and subordinate others to your will- most dramatically expressed in war. Still, even without the conundrum of war, the stresses of our society, which often thrusts citizens into debt and an illness because of lack of abundance in their lives- can put inordinate demands on the adrenals. Also, marital or relationship problems can also provide too much work for the adrenals to work effectively. Adrenal supplements can sometimes be helpful. Sometimes being able to accept what is beyond one’s control, perhaps through faith in a Higher Power, can relieve a great deal of the stress in an often too chaotic world.

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