Hermetic Science has led to some rather speculative concepts of anti-aging, including the paradigm of ancient alchemical processes that can lead to a much more extensive life spans, including the belief in a rather startling transformation of the body- resembling in some fashion concepts like translation, transfiguration and ascension. One example that is discussed is the story of Nicholas Flammel and his wife, whose contributions to the Church after their alleged death seriously trumped Flammel’s probably livelihood as a scrivener, a professional copier of manuscripts- meaning that Flamel was thought to have learned the alchemical secret of changing lead to gold- but moreso, the contention that years after their passing, a traveler supposedly found evidence that they did, indeed, still survive and flourish.

The modern science of medicine- in its current practical application- focuses somewhat on nutrition but many times on the consumptions of excessive amounts of hormones. In the program, Dr. Rodier analyzes the claims of so-called “life extension experts” and suggests that some of the common practices have problematical side effects that deflate their intrinsic health value.  He suggests the more appropriate nutritional means to obtain successful life extension.  Dr. Rodier keeps in touch with many new medical findings, which he recounts in his monthly review of contemporary medical journal articles. Find out about these blogs- and many others- by visiting his website at www.hugorodier.com. Dr. Rodier is available at his office, but also can-do phone consultations, if needed and useful.

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