Mercury has many industrial uses in the modern world, yet it is profoundly dangerous when it enters the human body. Although the pedigree of the Roman god, Mercury, is the Greek god Hermes, as an element its behavior in the physical does not necessarily resonate with the profound hermetic wisdom associated with the god. Although, as a metallic element, Mercury is mobile, its effects when inhaled or consumed can do great harm to the lungs, kidneys, to the nervous , digestive and immune system, as warned by the World Health Organization. Fatality is one consequence- but destructive behavior and neurological disorders can result as well as multiple damages throughout the body.

In this program, Doctor Rodier, an integrative physician, with a profound concern over the behavior of the industrial, medical and pharmaceutical communities over the messaging concerning mercury poisoning involving its environmental dangers and the soundest way to deal with its physical effects, Mercury poisoning is a danger inherent in the gold mining use of mercury which releases it in the air and soil; in poisoning of waterways, including the effects on fish and waterfowl and their consumption, as well as the controversies involving vaccines and dental fillings. In dealing with these topics, we must ask- to what degree is false, distorted information being fed to the public- as well as the deliberate withholding valuable scientific evidence? In this program, Doctor Rodier will endeavor to unravel some of this convoluted scientific and medical information which anyone interested in the reality of the situation must inevitably deal with.

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