You don’t usually go to a doctor for a profound conversation about yourself, the world or even various understandings of ultimate reality, but a visit with Doctor Hugo Rodier, an integrative physician, either in person, in his books, his blogs or his radio show, you may find you experiencing something different. It’s not that your health problem will not find focus, it’s just that Hugo Rodier, as in this show which asks the fundamental existential question, “Who AM I?” may take you on a journey of self-discovery- as he will look at you as a whole person, not just as someone with a sore throat or an upset stomach. Dr. Rodier knows that a person’s life and outlook can directly or indirectly impact on his or her health

In this show, you will find a free-ranging discussion of the injunction written over the entrance to the Delphic Oracle of ancient Greece, “Know Thyself,” -a saying which is at the heart of the Socratic philosophical method. We have wide ranging discussion of many different elements of reality, all of which impact on the fundamental question- Who Am I? Topics covered in this program include the Higher and Lower Self, Near Death Experiences, Greek and Egyptian mythology and the meaning of the Sphinx, Hermetic Science, a bit of the secrets of manifestation as documented in the Gospels, the importance of health to the pursuit of truth.

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