This program starts out with a discussion in the Scientific American which is  called the Satisfaction diet. Even if you are going to eat the prime, most scientifically healthy diet- what’s the difference if you don’t eat it. You need to be satisfied. We discuss the specific recommended diet in this article, but also take a broader look at what the satisfaction diet might mean for different people. We then talk about the idea of Food Plateaus and the need to combine satisfaction and healthiness. It has been recognized that some of our cravings are directed by the micro-organisms In the Microbiome- among them, bacteria we might call the bad guys hiding among the good guys in the gut. They love the twinkies and the MM’s, the cokes and the donuts- and they have a life of their own. How do we deal with a problem like this which somehat transcends our reasonable ideas of diet and our willpower?

We then talk about the United Nations report about the lack of sustainability related to the amount of meat-eating indulged in the World. The statistics are alarming. The resources used in meat-eating by one person could be used to feed 70 persons on a non-meat diet In one moment that may be of interest to our audience,  Dr. Rodier explain his method of preparing meals at  home, something even the poorest home chef could grasp and accomplish in a few minutes. He also reveals the utterly simple way he goes to restaurants and maximizes his health.

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