This is our second interview with Michael Priv on his book,“You Are A Psychic- The Healer’s Handbook.” It is called “The Piv Healing Protocol” and discusses the complex mechanics Michael uses to engage in both up close and person and
healing at a distance.

Michael’s procedures are very complex and exacting and, according to his
protocol demand a sense of absolute certainty on the part of the healer, regardless of the obstacles. There must be complete confidence of the outcome of the healing efforts or it will not work. This is generally a process which one engages in alone and there are difficulties which one usually has to resolve oneself.

Besides certainty, there is also a certain matter of discretion when you are handling discussions with clients. Also, there is a clear limit to how many clients you can handle at once. Not only is there an initial healing session but there may be multiple checks on the client.

There is a simple meditation to start with but complexities in diagnosing problems and in the actual curative techniques which involve a kind of remote viewing, an ability, along with others, that needs to be developed. Also, one needs to learn how to work with spiritual light, the mysterious basis for both meditation and this form of psychic healing, according to Michael Priv.

This book begins with a disclaimer, which I am publishing here and which also applies to anyone who is listening to this program: This Handbook is a tool of spiritual enhancement. It is intended for development of spiritual skills and abilities. It is not intended as a substitute for medical help and does not advocate the abolishment of medical services. Any medical condition should be checked by a qualified medical doctor.

This is an exciting interview explaining the PIV Healing Protocol

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