Threshold Radio is happy to present CHALLENGES TO THE REPUBLIC with Johnny Blue Star and Hugo Rodier. In this program, we call on Hugo Rodier, M.D., who has often spoken and will continue to work with us on health issues, to also take part as a co-host in our general discussions. Throughout the years of our friendship and professional relationship, he has demonstrated the kind of ethical and spiritual perspective that I believe is valuable to broaden our show’s horizon. In this discussion, we respond to the latest missile threat by North Korea. Why is our official policy to talk to them- but only after they agree to give up their nuclear ambitions? Isn’t that precisely why we should talk to them. We further discuss the astounding transgender ban on their participation in the military, a policy proclamation released on Twitter without real consultation with the military. We further discuss Dr. Rodier’s profound insights into our health bill debates and the recent defeat of the ‘Skinny Repeal’ of Obama Care.

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