Johnny Blue Star presents an interview with the author of “West Side Warrior”, a fascinating glimpse into the life and times of Ray Boylan, a Korean War Veteran and crime fighter, who enlisted in the US Marines when he was fifteen. The story of how he enlisted, somewhat against the rules, at the tender age of 15 but managed to be grandfathered in legally, is fully recounted in his memoir. In this interview, he touches on his membership in a youth gang, The Panthers, which, like others in Manhattan during this time, disguised themselves as football teams during the day, conducting themselves more discordantly in their off-hours, mischievously and rebelliously, but with considerable less violence than the teen gangs that would follow in the 1950s and beyond. Although Ray’s training in boot camp and in amphibious warfare was rigorous, he did not expect that he would be expected to take on the Communist Chinese invasion in North Korea, which he decidedly did in the coldest, most challenging battlefield in the world. The rest of Ray’s career involved many different roles in crime enforcement, from conducting surveillance of what eventually came to be known as the Mafia to taking on corruption in the waterfront to many bouts with criminals regarding illegal gun possession and alcohol to guarding Presidential candidates as a Treasury Agent.

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