This program begins with a story Johnny Blue Star relates about how his life-threatening asthmatic symptoms were reversed through a simple dietary change. This experience opened his mind to alternative concepts of healing, especially after developing two radio shows devoted to alternative medicine. Fast forward decades to Johnny’s meeting with Doctor Rodier who turned his attention to what is now called Integrative Medicine. Dr. Rodier is a medical doctor who especially focuses on nutrition as one of the main factors in causing ill health. Dr. Rodier was aware of the value of nutrition from the very start of his practice, choosing a family practice and spurring the money-driven lure of certain types of pharmaceutically-based specialties. His work is now centered on the practice of Integrative Medicine and disseminating this information through his website, videos, books and broadcasts. In this program, Dr. Rodier goes over the 12 principles involved in Integrative Medicine, which focuses on the health and well-being of the whole patient through evidence-based solutions, including a careful look at nutritional and environmental components that might be effecting his or her health. An integrative physician, when appropriate, might use some supplements or pharmaceuticals but should never be “pushing” them on his patients nor should they be overprescribing hormones. On this show, Dr. Rodier will cover all these and other principles and practices of Integrative Medicine.

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