In this show, we go directly into key elements in the disruptive behavior of politics and economics with Sarah Westall, host of Business Game Changers. The conversation is wide-ranging with various clips of experts in various fields- including a prosecutor of major SEC violations, the inventor of Block Chain (famously used in cryptocurrency), the former director of the US Mint, an author and lecturer previously employed as an economic hitman, a co-founder of the Tea Party, all of which have participated in the powerfully disruptive and ever-changing technology and policies that leave us amazed, worried and perplexed.

Is the Fed a rogue organization that needs to be audited? What is the future of Bitcoin and other experimental currencies? How has the Patriot Act changed the complexion of our citizen rights? Can 3-D printers actually change human cells and tissue? Do we really go into developing countries and deliberately lend them funds so we can encumber them with debt?

Sarah Westall is the courageous host and producer of Business Game Changers, a radio show devoted to analyzing disruptive technology, paradigm shifts and big issues facing government and commercial enterprises through key interviews with the heads of companies, scientists and technologists involved in creating these powerful new realities. Learn more about her show at

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