This is our second program with Marcus Hart on our podcast, On Higher Ground: Ambassadors of Change and Transformation. h Marcus Hart is the producer and host of the Transform U! podcast. In our last show, we showed the extraordinary obstacles Marcus faced in his early life before he turned into the empathic creative and ambitious person he is now. Besides his podcast, Marcus is also the founder of the Transform U! Broadcast Network, a network featuring other programs consistent with the goal of creating positive change in the lives of its listeners. In addition to this, Marcus also offers various advertising and promotional services that further extend the value of his podcast to certain of his guests. This second interview is called the Transformative Journey and it gives a deeper insight as to how Marcus totally reset his life and began a learning curve that eventually unveiled a way that he could radically change his life for the better but also show others how they could begin or continue their journey of self-transformation. Undoubtedly, you can see that Marcus changed his life for the better in a way that seems almost miraculous. Yet, when you want to make changes from someone who can relate to the enormous struggles you might have, it doesn’t hurt if you mentor has direct experience with overcoming inner and outer challenges like yourself. While neither listening to a podcast, reading a book or meeting an inspiring individual is not the major component of self-transformation, which always is empowered by the decisions an individual makes, there is no doubt that any of these things can be the trigger for major change.

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